Why choose mobile?

Mobile grooming is convenient. I will come right to your doorstep. Your beloved pet will have one on one attention and care the whole time. And because I do everything straight through from start to finish, you have to spend less time away from your furry loved ones.

Mobile grooming saves you time. You can save all the time spent driving back and forth from the groomer. And waiting sometimes as much as four hours to find out if your furry friend is ready to be picked up can be agonizing. In addition to saving travel time and time spend missing or worrying about your pet, you also save money spent on gas.

Who would benefit from mobile grooming?

Everyone! Mobile grooming may be a great way to remove the added stress of figuring out how to get your dog to the groomer. If you have limited mobility, lack of transportation, or maybe you ride a motorcycle and can't easily get your dog to the groomer. Stop worrying about borrowing a car or getting someone else to pick up and drop off, or in some cases even taking a cab to make sure your furry friend stays on schedule. Give me a call, I'll come to you!

How long will it take to groom my dog?

Most small dogs can be completed in 1 to 1  1/2 hours. Every dog is different, much like every person is different. I will do my best to work around any special needs as necessary. If you have a dog that is nervous for drying or difficult for toenails, or has needed a muzzle in the past - please let me know ahead of time so I can schedule enough time to work with your pet. I will always be willing to try to work with a dog who may not be fond of certain aspects of grooming, but the more information I have up front, the better I can know how to approach the situation. If I feel that a dog is getting to worked up or stressed out over certain parts of the grooming- those things may not be completed, but I will do my best as long as it can be done safely.

Behaviorally difficult dogs

I am always happy to give it a shot. I can make no guarantees, but I don't mind taking the time to work with dogs that have had bad experiences with grooming or have just never liked the process.

Dog aggressive dogs

Mobile grooming may be a great opportunity for a dog who doesn't like other dogs to have a relaxing atmosphere close to home and actually enjoy grooming. Free from the distraction of other dogs in the space, a dog with aggression towards other dogs can finally focus on enjoying the grooming process.

Payment Options

I'm a PayPal Here user.  You can download the app on your smartphone of choice, log in with your PayPal account and when I arrive simply open the app and find me under the "merchants nearby" area and click to pay.  All three major smart phones have PayPal Here Apps available.

I will gladly accept cash and any form of major credit card (Visa, Master Card, AmEx & Discover). No Checks Please.